A faster computer: clean registry!

clean registry See this topic, you may be surprised: I need defragment my hard disk in in order to achieve optimal to make my computer faster,how the registry  need to defragment it ?

We all know that the registry is the core of the system components of Windows, almost all of the system application needs to deal with the registry.However, as Windows systems continue to large, the registry will become a huge!The huge registry will  slow down the system speed,so,it is a good way for the system speed

to optimize registry or clean registry.

When we use the registry,the registry was constantly modified, deleted key,the data that was deleted or modified doesn’t release the space to the new data.The new data has to occupy a new space to write to the registry.For a long time, wasted space for the registry  is increasing more and more.

The so-called registry optimization,means removing and rewriting all registry keys,to defragment,compress registry.Its principle and process is as same as hard disk.

Finally,you can Google a registry optimization software or so-called registry cleaner,
registry editor and so on.Also,You can also my referral freeware :Quicksys RegDefrag.



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