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Research  Project.jpg呵呵,纯英的,没兴趣的童鞋略过~~~这是关于关于做一个完美research project的完整教程,陆续整理中~~现在放出第一部分。

What is a research project?

It’s a team-based, skill-integrated, task-based, or problem-solving, or research-oriented learning activity.

What are the objectives of the research project?

To develop students’ English communicative skills and cultivate team working spirits;

To cultivate students’ research skills such as data collection and generation;

To develop and improve students’ analytical skills, project report writing skills and oral presentational skills;

To develop students’ autonomous learning ability.

What are the objectives of the research project?

All aims at implementing the philosophy of “Learning by Doing”.

What is the research project going to do?

It involves:



team-based activities

individual activities

team presentation

reflective summary


How to form a research team?

To team with 5 or 6 members;

To select a specific topic;

To have clear objectives and an action plan;

To share with each other your interests and ideas;

Each member with a specific responsibility;

Each member helping each other for the same objectives;

Each member contributing to success.

How to decide a research topic?

(1). To brainstorm for a list of topics;

(2). To exchange views for a consent on specific one;

(3). To consult with your teacher;

(4). For a good topic, it should be: interesting, informative, relevant, challenging, operational, culturally revealing(启示), narrow down to specific issue.

How to write a research proposal?

It involves:

Format of a project proposal:

Project Title;

Project Time: Start date to End date;

Project Objectives: (2-4 Sentences);

Background information;

Research questions;

Research methods;

Research schedule;

Researchers and their responsibilities;

Research Prospect (Expected results).

What can we learn from the project?

The team spirits;

The autonomous learning strategies;

The communicative skills;

The integrated listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills training;

The research skills;

The academic norms;


What are we expected to do in the team work?

To consent on one vision and objectives;

To shoulder one specific task;

To discuss issues of common concern;

To share your wisdom with others;

To help each other with their tasks;

To present as a team and share with others your research findings.

How to assess the team work and individual work?

Each member of the team will have two kinds of scores: team score and individual one;

The team score will be based on their team presentation performance, quality of PPT slides, quality of their research findings, etc.;

The individual score will be based on one’s presentation performance, quality of completed task, a retrospective summary, and contribution to team work. (to be continued.)

How to assess the team work and individual work? (cont.)

Methods: teacher assessment and peer assessment (details seeing the assessment chart).

Criteria for assessment:

Classroom participation and performance (20%);

Oral presentation and team work (50%);

Hand-in materials(30%).

Hand-in materials include:

1)Project Proposal(One for each team)

2)Research Report(One for each team,1000 words)

3)Summary (One for each person, 300 words)

4)PPT (One for each team)

What should we do if we have any problems?

To contact your teacher for help;

To pose them on the web for help;

To consult with your team members or classmates;

To consult dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites, etc.

Never hesitate to ask! Believe yourself that you can do it!

How to do oral presentation?

One member responsible for oral presentation of one section in English;

The right pronunciation and intonation;

The oral delivery with PPT slides in English ;

The appropriate manners and body language;

The communication or interactions with the audience.

How to prepare the PPT slides for the presentation?

All in English;

In a pin-point format;

Better with visual aids;

With a logic cohesion and coherence;

The artistic impact and style;


Dos & Don’ts for PPT slides

Tree layout – click to enter another layer/step

Dealing with a long passage – convert a part of a passage into a noun phrase or a sentence; never put a long paragraph on slides;

Making full use of multimedia – pictures, photos, songs, speeches, video & audio, etc.




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