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完美research project继续《How to do a research project》,这次基本讲到了有关do a research project的要求,团队配合,还有一个research project的完成,在接下来的,也就是最后一篇,老饕将给出一个Sample Project ~~


How to prepare a retrospective summary?

Keep a diary of all the activities;

Make a short comment on the activities you’re most interested in and feel fruitful;

Which aspect you’ve gained most;

Which aspect you think needs improvement;

Requirements for a retrospective summary (cont.)

A retrospective summary should include:

A) understanding of the project;

B) project activities;

C) self assessment;

D) critical comments on the project with

constructive suggestions (for details

please see next slide) .

What should a research report include?







Objective and Subjective

Critical thinking with positive and feasible recommendations

How to do the desk research and the field research?

The desk research is to collect the second hand information that is published or available to everyone;

The field research is to collect the first hand information by means of interview, questionnaire, observation, etc.

What is the basic flow chart for the research project?

The team formation research proposal task allotment first round research team discussion second round research team discussion preparation of PPT slides make-up research for missing information presentation rehearsal presentation. Tip: Teacher will be available for consultation and help at every step.

How to control the time for the research project?

Every member of the team should complete the task assigned in time;

If not possible, exchange information with your peers in time;

There must be an emergence plan to catch up with the time;

Every one must do their best to complete the task in time.

How to keep track with a team activities?

It would be advisable for every member or every team to keep a memo of everyday activities;

To keep the memo open to every member so that everyone knows what’s going on and they can supplement the memo with new information or revise it if necessary.

The memo will be very helpful for everyone to write the retrospective summary.



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