computer spy-maybe a good tool for you!

computer spy

Maybe many young people have a crazy dream:become a hacker !i  Think about this scenario: open a computer, rely on your superior technology, you can see the informations which the Government never want anybody to know about- you can even know whether the FBI planned the 911!

Yes, this is an exciting thing to think about! The all-powerful hackers in movies, have conquered a large number of young people! However, it is very difficult for most people – after all, not everyone is proficient in the computers. Perhaps you can use some tools, such as computer spy  to achieve the dream.

You can use computer spy tools do more meaningful things!!

Did you know that 15% of children admit to chatting with strangers online?

If you have kids, do you want to know about what sites they viewed on the internet. If Yes, you should find a computer spy software.Maybe some fathers are worried that their children are unable to  use the Internet correctly. For example, you can monitor you son when he uses your IBM.And you just don’t want he chat with strangers online too frequently or surf some web sites that are not good for him.

Please note – this is only to be used on a computer that you own!



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